Fall 19/20 Union Bindings have Arrived

Fall 19/20 Union Bindings have Arrived

Union Bindings Have Arrived

Excitement is starting to build around the shop as new winter gear begins to trickle in. The next brand to show up to the party is Union Bindings! With new colorways and upgraded features to many of the bindings in the line for next year, year 15 for Union Bindings is looking like the best yet.

100% Focus

Free from the distraction of developing a bazillion different products for snowboarding, camping, and whatever else... Union focuses solely on building better bindings for all types of riding, at all ability levels, for each price offering.

A binding is only as adequate as the sum of all it's parts. That's why since day one, Union has been on a constant quest to develop and introduce cutting-edge materials and processes.

This season we will be stocking the following models:

If you are looking for another model please or the model you are after is sold out, let us know using our Special Order Form and we can look into ordering them in.



Arguably the best Splitboard bindings in existence. The Expedition combines the simplicity of the Union Split System with the performance you have come to expect from their high-end Forged Carbon bindings that provide a precise interface to your board.  

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