Goggle Care 101

So you upgraded your goggle game this season but how do you make the most of the tech and protect your investment? It’s all about how you care for them.

On the Mountain

Try to keep your goggles on your eyes, this will keep the temperature regulated which will reduce the ability for fog to accumulate. Pushing your goggles up onto your head when not in use can cause moisture from your head to build up on the inside of the lens & face foam which can fog up when you put them back on to ride.

 If your lens fogs up while riding, don't rub the inside of the lens. The anti fog coating is particularly sensitive when wet and you run the risk of rubbing that coating right off. To prevent this problem entirely you can use a handy reusable no-fog wipe from Smith before you head up the lift. 

Let's say you had a crash and snow gets inside, in this case use your microfiber cloth or a Smith snow eraser to gently blot away the snow and moisture. If you need to clean off remaining water droplet marks off the inside of your lens, wait until dry and use a gentle microfiber cloth to clean them.

Another thing we see folks do is trying to dry their goggles with the hand dryers in the ski hill restrooms. This should be avoided because the heat can actually warp your goggles which is not something that can be covered under warranty.

After Riding

Your goggles might be wet after a day on the mountain, it’s important to dry them before storing, ESPECIALLY if you're riding the following day.  Putting them on a vent or next to a heat source isn’t a great idea because of the potential for warp. Once your goggles are dry, store them in a hard case, sleeve or goggle soc to prevent scratches. Over time, scratches can happen, but if you’ve invested in a style with swappable lenses you can get a replacement lens instead of replacing the entire goggle!

As tempting as it is to show everyone you're a snowboarder, we don't suggest dangling your goggles year round from the rearview mirror of your truck. Your goggles will deteriorate a lot faster with how hot the inside of a vehicle can get. 

If you're having issues with fog and visibility, stop by the Banff Shop to pick up a No-Fog Wipe & a Snow Eraser from Smith so you can enjoy crystal clear goggles always!