Snowboard Selection Guide

To start off, we want to let you know that choosing a snowboard is completely subjective! What works for your best friend might not be preferred for you. We'll outline some of our best guidelines for getting started with choosing a board based on what our shop staff would suggest if you were exploring options in store. When choosing a snowboard you'll want to consider your weight as well as the type of riding you'll be doing. Each board will have a loose range of weights that coincide with length. A longer board might be preferred for faster and more aggressive riding and deeper snow. While park riders might seek something a little shorter to help execute tricks with ease. If you're shopping on our online shop you'll see each snowboard has a fit guide which will show you the weight range that's best suited.

Riding Styles

First let's dive into the three main styles of riding. Park, Powder and All Mountain. All of our snowboards have helpful info about what terrain they were designed for. You'll find this information on the board if you are in shop or in the description on our website.  We use helpful icons to illustrate this, as well as information on the flex rating and the board profile. 


Park or otherwise known as freestyle is for the riders who spend a good chunk of their days in the terrain park. The terrain park offers jumps and freestyle features to slide on, like tables, boxes and rail.

Boards that cater to this style of riding are typically light, flexible, and twin shaped to allow the rider to ride both regular and switch with ease. Almost all types of twin camber will work for park, ultimately it comes down to the riders style and preference.

All Mountain

All Mountain boards give you the best of both worlds, designed to be useful in all conditions from groomed runs to powder and park. Since the all mountain board is so versatile its a popular choice amongst riders and might be the best option if you are still finding out your style. 

All Mountain boards typically come in a bit stiffer, heavier and have either a full camber or hybrid camber profile. 


Powder boards are designed to keep you afloat. They are usually the most conditionally dependent as pow boards are designed for a navigate deep snow!

Powder boards will have a few things that other styles of boards lack. As well as being wider all around, they are usually a directional shape with some tapering, meaning the nose of the board is wider than the tail. Powder boards will also have a rocker or rocker hybrid camber profile which will really help the board float in deep snow.

Board Stiffness:

We range our snowboards on a flex rating of 1-10. 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest. A softer board with more flex is easier to turn and can be more forgiving. The softness of the board means you'll be able to press rails better making it a great choice for park riders. Because of the forgiveness and versatility we recommended a softer rating for newer riders and those with lower bodyweight. A stiffer board will hold speed better and can grip better during turns so is recommended for more advanced riders and those with heavier bodyweight. 

The last thing to consider is the board shape and profile. There's so much information about that we made an entirely separate post. Find a breakdown of board profiles HERE. There's a lot of information to know when selecting a new board. If you need some help finding the perfect fit head into the shop and we'll give you a hand.