Choosing Trucks for your Skateboard

The first thing you’ll need to know is the width of your deck, because you want your deck and truck axel width to match. Your trucks should lie flush with the edges of your deck and not overhang or be hidden completely by your deck. Too narrow of trucks will give you an unstable skateboard and too wide can cause interference with your foot when pushing. It can be pretty confusing when you’re trying to find trucks for your deck because your deck is measured in inches and your trucks have various measurement units depending on the brand. We made a handy chart so you can easily see what will be compatible.

The second thing you’ll want to be mindful of is the height of your trucks. Some offer high and low options. Street skaters often prefer a lower truck because it’s more responsive, stable and offers better grind clearance. Lower trucks require smaller wheels to prevent wheel bite. A high truck has a kingpin approximately 5mm longer than a low truck which allows a better turning radius and is compatible with larger wheels. This is more appealing for transitional skaters.  If trucks do not say if they are low or high, you can generally assume that they are high trucks.

Low trucks are compatible with wheels 50mm-53mm
Mid trucks are compatible with wheels 52mm-56mm
High trucks are compatible with wheels 55mm-60mm

If you want larger wheels than what is compatible with your truck height you can simply use risers to prevent wheel bite. 

Your truck tightness will depend on what style of skating you do and your personal preference. A tighter truck will offer a tighter turning radius and can feel more stable for landing tricks. A looser truck will be easier to turn and can improve the flow of your transition skating. Turn your kingpin clockwise to tighten your trucks and counter clockwise to loosen your trucks. You’ll quickly find the sweet spot that you’re most comfortable with. If you find your trucks are not quite responsive or tight enough you can look into customizing your set up with different bushings.

Bushings are the rubber rings that fit around your kingpin, they allow your trucks to turn and pivot smoothly. Like wheels, your bushings come in different durometers which refers to how hard they are. Softer bushings will offer easier turns but less stability while harder bushings will offer more stability but turns will be more challenging. There are a few different shapes of bushings that suit different skating styles. Cone shaped bushings are best for tight turns and cruising but offer less stability and barrel shaped bushings don't turn as easily but give better stability. Barrel shaped bushings can also help reduce speed wobbling so are most commonly seen on longboard trucks. Most classic skateboard trucks have a combination of cone and barrel bushings which offer the best of both worlds between turning radius and stability. Your bushings take some time to work in, so you might want to hold off before replacing them right away. 

If you're having a hard time choosing, reach out to the shop or stop by. We are happy to help!