Introducing Cariuma

Introducing Cariuma

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You can now find Cariuma at UNLTD Boardshop!

We're tickled to announce that we now stock Cariuma shoes! We have nothing but great things to say about these shoes; they're comfortable, sustainable, effortlessly stylish & last forever. Not only are they super durable for skating, their clean design works with any wardrobe for daily wear.

These beauties were once exclusively sold online, but are now making their way into retailers like ours, so you can try before you buy. Trust us, as soon as you slip these bad boys on, you'll understand what we're talking about with regards to comfort & quality. They truly take no time at all to feel "broken-in".

Cariuma doesn't focus on keeping up to the status quo. Instead they focus on durability & sustainability. The lifetime of their shoe will surpass fleeting trends, which is why their offerings are minimalist, timeless & go with everything. We love it!

The icing on the cake is Cariuma's sustainable production standards, using incredibly eco-conscious & recycled materials. They are a certified B-Corporation: they care whole-heartedly about their social & environmental impact. More than half of their shoes are 100% vegan, utilizing a vegan suede that's 3x more durable than its animal based counterpart.

For a petroleum alternative they source a natural oil from the mamona plant and only utilize recycled plastics for aspects that require it. Other materials include regeneratively sourced bamboo, organic cotton, cork and sugarcane. All packaging comes from recycled paper stamped with soy based ink that's either 100% recyclable or biodegradable. PLUS for every pair of shoes purchased, Cariuma plants 2 trees in Brazil as part of their personal Reforestation Project. 

Bless your feet by ripping on down to the shop to try some on or scoop a pair online & thank us later! Sizing available for men & women.