Updates to the Burton Step On lineup

Step On's are back! Burton listened to feedback on previous models and made some changes for 2022. This launch offers softer boot options & cushier liners for all day comfort. The cuff clips that keep snow pants out of the way have also been improved. Updates to toe hooks make them quicker & quieter.

The Step On boot & binding system has proven to be quick, effective and secure enough to ride anywhere on the mountain. We all have our preferences but there is no denying the convenience of Step On. These are a great option for parents & kids because they save a ton of time strapping in when you unload from the lifts. They're also a great solution for riders with upper body mobility challenges. Free yourself from straps & spend more time riding by making the switch to Step On. Youth, women's & men's specific options in store & online today. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do they work?

You simply step onto the binding with your heel and click into the heel buckle, then your toes connect with a hook on each side. With three simple clicks you are secure and ready to ride. When you’re ready to hop out of the binding simply push the release lever and pull your foot out, the binding resets each time the lever is pushed so you can quickly step right back on with ease.

Your Step On boots and bindings need to be the correct size in order to be compatible with one another. With a traditional binding you may have more wiggle room in your sizing between boots and bindings but because of the clips Step On's are more specific. If you don't have the full system in compatible sizing you can risk gear malfunction and injury.

Are these better than the strapless bindings of the 90's?

If you're hesitant to try out Step On because you have haunting memories of the frustrating, strapless bindings of the 90's.... fear not, because technology has come a long way. With no attachment points underfoot, you won't be wasting time clearing snow and ice buildup on your footbeds to get secured. Step On boots have clips for your pants on the heel which prevents them from interfering with the heel cleat of the binding. These have been improved for 2022 and are larger & more effective at clamping down bulky pants.

 Are they comfortable?

 Cushy, heat moldable liners have been improved to prevent any pressure points from the cleats & should be just as comfortable as a standard boot & binding set up. If you don't like the pressure of a strap on the top of your boot then you might find these more comfortable than traditional bindings. This year, Burton created a softer boot option for the ladies Felix, providing another option for those who find the Felix too firm.

Who are Step On's meant for?

Step On's are made for everyone. Like other gear, it's all about personal preference.

Step On's are nice for beginners because they’re so easy to use. You won’t have to look for a place to sit down to strap in (which will also keep your pants dryer for longer). For the same reason, the Step On system is perfect for families and kids. You’ll spend way more time riding and way less time fiddling around with straps. If it takes 30 seconds to strap in with a traditional binding, times 15 runs a day, times 20 days a year, times ten years of riding, that’s 300 runs lost.

For intermediate and advanced riders, the Step On system performs well in all mountain conditions. They were designed to give you the same feel as a traditional binding. The team at Burton has been testing them in terrain parks, steep & deep powder zones and everywhere in between.

What if I don't have a Burton Snowboard?

As far as board compatibility is concerned, you're able to mount Step On's to almost all mounting patterns: 3D, 4 hole and channel. If you have any questions about Step On head over to the shop or give us a call, we're always happy to help!