Renovation time! Meet our temporary space.

Renovation time! Meet our temporary space.

17 Years Strong!

On October 1st, 2002 Unlimited was purchased from Monods Sports by our owner and fearless leader, Dave Carlson. For those who do not know, Dave took it from an underwhelming space that sold bikes and ski equipment to what it is today, a community based snowboard, skate and lifestyle shop that breaks the mold of businesses alike. Our approach to business is different than others, our main goal is to get you as amped about playing in the mountains as we are. No pressure, no sales tactics, no BS, just a bunch of incredible people looking to share the stoke! This is a complete reflection of how Dave lives his life. 

After 17 years of business, it is finally time for a proper face lift. As if it was meant to be, our renovations started on the very day it was purchased by Dave (October 1st). Emotions ran high seeing the store empty for the first time ever but excitement ran even higher, knowing what the space will soon become.

Unfortunately, a lot of the details about what out newly renovated space will need to remain secret. However, we will tell you about out  amazing temporary space!

Some Place in the Mall!

Now located on the main floor of Cacade Shops in the heart of downtown Banff. Our staff is adjusting to the tasty smells that emanate from the mall food court located below the temporary space. Don't let our temporary location fool you, we are far from just another "Mall Board Shop". Needless to say, we have brought our core values over along with all of our amazing product. Our new space actually lends itself really well to our hard goods selection, with ample shelving for our boots and bindings. Not once will you have to wait for a sales associate to run downstairs to find the product you are after, creating a seamless shopping experience. 

The rest of the space has a ton of room to move freely through an array of this seasons clothing and outerwear as well as a great selection of sales items. If you didn't know any better you would think we have been here for years. At the end of the day, the point we are trying to drive home is that nothing has changed but our location! We still offer the same amazing staff, amazing product, amazing shopping experience and amazing attitude. You may have to deal with the smell of that mall food, but we think it is a small price to pay ;)

We invite everyone to come by and check it out for yourself!

Scared of the mall? 

We get it, you can still shop from the comfort of your own home!

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