Backcountry Safety Equipment from BCA

Backcountry Safety Equipment from BCA

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Backcountry Safety Equipment from BCA

Why BCA?

Backcountry Access (BCA) is the most trusted and best selling backcountry equipment supplier in North America, with products that are intuitive and easy to use. By keeping it simple when you’re under stress, you increase your chances of a successful recovery. But even the most intuitive device requires training and practice. More and more people are skipping the lift lines & heading into the backcountry. The freedom a splitboard provides is unmatched, but with bigger unmonitored terrain comes bigger responsibility. You should always take an avalanche training course before going out for the first time & brush up on your skills every year. You can find BCA's education videos linked below.

For your avalanche training courses & any time spent out of bounds in the mountains, you'll need 3 key backcountry safety items. An avalanche transceiver/beacon, a probe and a shovel. We carry a rescue package options that offer all 3 pieces of equipment at a great price point. For the backcountry veterans looking to update outdated items in their kit, we sell all the essentials separately too.

BCA offers different levels of equipment to cater to both the recreation user and the professional user. A variety of which can be found at UNLTD. In addition to the essential rescue items, we also carry BCA link radios to communicate with your crew, snow saws & snow study kits so you can properly evaluate the conditions.


Snow Study Kit

The BCA Snow Study Kit is a lightweight, compact carrying case contains all of the essential tools for understanding snow science. It includes:

Slope Meter - Measures the slope angle and use the compass for the slope aspect. Angle range: 0° – 60°.

Polycarbonate Crystal Card - Includes metric grid, 2mm grid, and beveled edge (6” x 4″).

Analog Thermometer - Measures the temperature gradient of your snowpack

15x Magnifying Loupe - With closed sides for wind protection.

ECT Cord - Two-meter cord to cut through snow and crust for extended column tests.

The BCA Snow Study Kit was carefully designed in conjunction with North America’s most experienced avalanche educators to create a product with all of the necessary snow safety tools. By understanding the changing states of snow, you will be more so prepared for an avalanche and can prevent an accident before it happens. The more reliable data you collect, the more reliable your decision-making will be. 


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