Skate Tech Bindings 

In the early nineties, snowboarder JF Pelchat began experimenting with binding design from his garage in Whistler, BC. Inspired by how easily skateboards turn, JF knew there had to be a more efficient way to transfer power from the rider to the snowboard, and he was right! In 2010, after years of various Skate Tech prototypes and 3 patents....NOW Bindings was born.

By introducing a hanger to the binding, the rider is able to transfer energy powerfully from the straps down into the bushings and out to the edges of the board. This creates unmatched response, traction and ease of turn initiation. By directing the riders energy directly to the board edges and not through the baseplate, your feet are going to do less work with less effort, keeping them relaxed and comfortable for longer.

Jeremy Jones was one of the first riders to test these out in the development process and he instantly loved them. Jeremy was blown away with the performance, edge control & chatter reduction. For this reason, NOW's patented Skate Tech system is now found on all Jones bindings. 

Here's Jenn's take on Skate Tech & the Conda Binding

“I love how smooth it makes turns feel, switch is like riding normal it’s THAT smooth! They reduce leg fatigue and make for such a fun day. This binding is for the gal who is equally concerned about comfort as they are performance. The Skate Tech feature reduces the amount of energy you put into your carves and smooths out transition between toe & heel side. The ankle straps are comfortable with the perfect stiffness to control your ride- you can even swap your ankle straps around to customize the feel. It’s so hard to find a binding that feels as good as it looks, this is a killer design that makes everything feel so easy it’s almost cheating.”

Men's Bindings with Skate Tech Winter 22/23

Women's Bindings with Skate Tech Winter 22/23