Skateboarding in the Olympics

Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno

In an effort to remain relevant to the young and cool, the brainiacs at the IOC have added Skateboarding as an event debuting in Tokyo later this week. Some argue that skateboarding is too free to be judged, while others think that extremely challenging and technical tricks make it worthy of the Olympic stage. We are not sure what to expect. Maybe we'll laugh, maybe we'll cry, who knows we may even enjoy it a little.

For those unfamiliar with the contest aspect of skateboarding, the "sport" will be divided into two disciplines, park and street. The park course consists of large bowls and transition that allow a skater to carry some serious speed and air throughout their timed run. The street course inherently lives up to it's name, with big city-like features including stairs, rails, benches and slopes. 

There will be 20 competitors in each discipline, broken into 4 heats of 5 riders. Riders will have the freedom to choose how they use the features and what tricks they perform. Each rider will perform individually, to music of their choice, for three 45 second runs. A run, not a routine...... never call it a routine! They will be scored on these runs, the best 8 will move onward to the final round. Points will be awarded on a 0-100.0 scale by a panel of 5 judges. These judges are likely not skateboarders, but instead old men who work for the IOC. Regardless, contestants will be judged on speed, originality, difficulty and overall flow.

Competing for Canada we’ve got Andy Anderson from White Rock B.C, Matt Berger from Kamloops, B.C and Micky Papa from Vancouver, B.C. Other athletes to watch out for include the youngest competitor Sky Brown who will have just turned 13 before competing in the park segment for Great Britain. Meanwhile, the oldest competitor is 46 year old Danish competitor Rune Glifberg.  Japans Yuto Horigome and Misugu Okamoto will be major forces to be reckoned with, leading mens street and women's park respectively. 

We've converted the event schedule to Mountain Time so you can tune in with us: 

Saturday July 24 @ 6:00pm - Men’s Street

Sunday July 25 @ 6:00pm - Women’s Street

Tuesday August 3 @ 6:00pm - Women’s Park

Wednesday August 4 @ 6:00pm - Men’s Park