Snowboarding Base Layers

Temps in the rockies can get quite cold. During our cold snaps it feels nearly impossible to stay warm for long outside. A common question for visitors in the shop has been, how can I stay warm on the mountain?! The first step is a good base layer. We’re talking about technical snowboarding socks, leggings, long sleeve shirt and a balaclava. You want this layer to fit close to your body and have wicking properties so you don't feel damp and wet if you work up a sweat. These days you can even get leggings, long sleeve and balaclava all in one handy Ninjasuit. 

Ninja Suits

Ninja suits have you covered from head to ankle and are a fantastic base layer. Most have built in balacalava hoods, some are made from ultra warm merino wool. Fear not, these are easy to unzip when nature calls. The ladies fit even has a ponytail hole at the back of the neck. The price may seem daunting but when you factor in how many pieces the Ninja Suits covers you for, it just may be the option that's best for your pocketbook. 

Ladies Base Layers from Eivy & The North Face

Eivy is a functional base layer line for women that doubles as streetwear. They're made primarily from a four way stretch, moisture wicking, recycled fabric that's brushed on the inside for maximum comfort. The North Face Dotknit base layers actively repel moisture from your skin and moves it to the outer layer of material where it can dry. Great for sweaty activities in winter or at high elevation!

Mens Base Layers from Burton & The North Face

We have several Burton base layers for men including midweight and heavyweight options in pants and long sleeves. Ultra sweat wicking pieces from The North Face are another option for the fellas to stay dry and warm.

Balaclavas, Neckwarmers, Hoods

A neck warmer, balaclava or hood is essential for blocking wind on your face, neck and ears. On the coldest days you may want to layer first with a snug balaclava face layer and wear a hood, beanie or neck warmer on top for additional warmth.  

Snowboarding Socks 

We offer a range of lightweight to heavy weight socks that have various technical features. Some socks have extra support in the foot arch that can help prevent foot pain. If your toes get cold on the mountain doubling up socks might not always be your best option. It can lead to reduced breathability which can actually lead to sweaty and colder feet. Stick to one pair merino wool socks with some sticky toe warmers on colder days.