Spark Binding Updates 

Spark Binding Updates 

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Spark has several updates for us in 2022/23. First, they've moved to unisex sizing model. Size is much better understood in terms of boot length & bulk rather than by gender. Women would often fit a men's binding better and vice versa. Younger riders are getting into the backcountry and have smaller feet, now they can get into a gender neutral binding instead of being offered women's. This also means less jealousy for colorways that were previously offered for only men or women's sizing! The decision to go unisex also simplifies Sparks manufacturing process & means they can produce bindings more efficiently. Spark will continue to promote and support women in splitboarding! Going forward, they just won’t have women’s specific bindings, they’ll simply have splitboard bindings for splitboarders.

Less Friction = Smooth Touring

Another update is the smooth touring (ST) technology that reduces friction on several binding/crampon components. By utilizing injected molded thermoplastic over existing aluminum & steel parts, key areas of friction & wear have been eliminated. Their Rip 'N' Flip highbacks have been redesigned this season to be asymmetrical. This improves ergonomics & mobility by sloping inwards to match the riders stance. 

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