Staff Picks: Jones Twin Sister

Staff Picks: Jones Twin Sister

Staff Picks: Jones Twin Sister

Featuring a directional twin shape, CamRock profile and a friendly flex, the Twin Sister offers amazing float in pow, turns on a dime and is easy to ride switch or take into the terrain park. Traction Tech 2.0 keeps the Twin Sister locked in every turn when the snow gets firm and the sintered 7000 base is hyper fast. For added ECO-performance, the Twin Sister features an ECO-plastic topsheet. New for 2020, the Twin Sister is built with an FSC Mountain core that is specially profiled between the feet for added pop..... But don't just take our word for it, we asked our beloved Sales Manager, Jenn Scheirer what she thought of the board.

Why do you like it:

This board makes up for everything I am not good at! It offers a very precise and comfortable feel.

What sets it apart:

It is build for absolutely every condition/situation you could imagine. Unlike other boards that tend to focus on one type of riding, this thing does everything.... and it charges!

Favorite feature:

The 1 cm set-back. Turns your favorite park board into the most versatile pow board!

Perfect time to use it: 

When you're tired of making excuses and want to ride literally wherever and whenever!

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