Staff Picks: United Shapes

Staff Picks: United Shapes

Staff Picks: United Shapes - Horizon

United Shapes is a modern company building the future of snowboarding. They’re lifelong snowboarders, deeply entrenched in its history and lifestyle. They believe that it is their responsibility to honor those roots, chart a route into the future, and continue to have a positive impact on the culture we love. United Shapes is a true labor of love, 100% owned and operated by three good friends who love snowboarding!

Not quite a household name among snowboarders just yet, United Shapes' unique designs and board shapes have started to draw some attention. For the second year in a row we have brought in some models from the US fleet and for the second year in a row we are blown away! Their unconventional look may stray from the boards you've become familiar with, however United Shapes should be held in the very same category. Unparalleled performance all over the mountain and just plain fun to ride!

Twin feel in a directional shape. Built for those seeking to max their days on the mountain without messing with their groove in the park.

Centered stance over the sidecut, with additional tip length and tail reduction past the contact points. The best of both worlds. Slight taper, and extended stance options for float when you need it.

Translucent cream gloss top with sintered blue base and color-matched seamless urethane sidewall.

This is the go to board for our shop salesman Ben Mulheran. If you've seen Ben on the hill, you know he rips! From pow to park this guy does it all.... and he does it all on this board!

Why do you like it:

It's light, poppy, great in park, groomers powder, chop (so basically everything!). Best board I've ever ridden PERIOD! 

What sets it apart:

The shape! This board has a super clean look. It is hard to tell from looking at it, but it rides as well switch as it does regular.

Favorite Feature:

Maybe not a feature, but the way it rides. It has a directional shape but rides just like a true twin.

Perfect time to use it:


Don't let us blab on on on about how great they are, try one for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

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