Staff Picks: Zion Pulver-izer

Staff Picks: Zion Pulver-izer

Staff Picks: Zion Pulver-izer

The name for this series is taken from the German word "Pulver" - meaning powder...and this stick will pulverize anything in its path. This board is designed to surf chest deep powder or carve fresh corduroy groomers. The pointy nose is designed to cut through the snow and get you floating ad the tapered shape is designed to keep you floating. Our Winter Surf camber is the opposite of your uncle's mullet. It's party in the front and business in the back giving you that floaty feel with the response needed for pow slashes and those soul surfing carves. 

The Puilver-Izer is actually a personal favorite for one of our long time salespeople, Josh Rolfe. Let's find out what makes it so special to him!

Why do you like it:

It is such a fun and versatile board. Whether its a pow day or it hasn't snowed in weeks and you just wanna lay down some high-speed euro carves, this thing is great!

What sets it apart:

Price point. Normally a similar "all-mountain killer" comes with a big price tag. At 519.99 you get solid performance at a reasonable price!

Favorite feature:

The company that makes it, Zion! I love to support a small company that is making super fun boards that just work!

Perfect time to use it:

Anytime! However it thrives in powder. I handles its speed well and floats for days.

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