Staff Picks: Jones Airheart

Staff Picks: Jones Airheart

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If you want to rip turns & take flight with the confidence of women’s aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart this is your board. So buckle up! The Airheart 2.0 is ready for takeoff.

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“Of all the Jones boards I tried last year, handz downnn Airheart was my favourite. Super cruisey , fun loving all mountain board. Super light, yet felt firm under the feet. Great for quick turns in the trees and effortless carves on the groomers. It also held up really well in the park and duhhh it’s my favourite colour 💜 ”

Dee T.

“I love this board so much! It feels so stable but at the same time really poppy, easy to turn and feels solid holding an edge carving”

Jenny W.

“After riding the Jones Twin Sister for many seasons, I felt it was time to upgrade to it's Big Sister-The Airheart 2.0. I was a bit apprehensive to dive into the season with this hard charging board since I love riding park as well as all mountain, but it's been a satisfying transition thus far. Handles like an absolute dream at high speeds with confidence inspiring edge hold, as well as landing big airs with unwavering stability. Nice and snappy for tight trees, with just the right amount of contour on the spooned nose and tail for a playful yet precise experience. Not to mention amazing pop for jumping onto the sweet spot on rails. You might think- she's crazy- and you're right, which is why I'm so happy to have a board to trust whole-airheart-edly when I'm doing all sorts of ridiculous things on mountain.... ”

Jenn S.

Why choose the Airheart?


Nothing beats the edging power of a tip-to-tail full camber profile for railing fast turns and slashing around on firm snow. When you push your board into a turn, camber locks every millimeter of your edge into the snow for maximum gripping power.


The 3D Contour Base on the Airheart 2.0 lets you roll into turns more fluidly and helps eliminate edge catch when your flicking turns at top speed. The smooth radius of the nose and tail edges reduce friction at the contact points. With less friction and catch in the tips, you can maintain more speed.


To plow through variable or choppy snow, the Airheart also features a section of Koroyd in the nose of the board. Koroyd is the lightest, most advanced core damping material we've ever tested. It absorbs vibrations and adds response at a fraction of the weight of wood.


Like all Jones board models, the Airheart is built responsibly. It features an eco-plastic topsheet that’s made from beans, stringers made with natural flax/basalt fibers, bio-resin epoxy and it’s manufactured in a factory that runs on 100% solar power.