Types of Snowboard Boot Closures

There are four main types of snowboard boot closure systems, each with their own pros and cons. We’ve got traditional lacing, speed lacing, boa systems & hybrid combinations. All boots come with a removable liner. The liners have a system to tighten with a type of draw cord and sometimes velcro to help keep the liner snug and in the correct position. 

Traditional Laces

Traditional laced boots have a liner with a tightening system and regular ol’ laces on the outer boot much like a hockey skate. These tend to be more budget friendly, replacing the laces is easy & you can customize the fit with fewer pressure points. The downside is that it can be a challenge to get them tight enough and they may loosen over the course of the day. 

Speed Laces

Speed Lace boots uses a cord system that attaches to a small handle that you pull to tighten and lock into place securely. These are quick, lightweight and easy to adjust throughout the day if needed. If they don’t have dual zone tightening you may not be able to adjust the boot to the correct fit. Like traditional lacing, speed lace boots can be a challenge to get super tight and may loosen up throughout the day, however they are quicker to get on and off. 

BOA Fit System 

The BOA Fit System uses a patented dial that turns to tighten a heavy duty cord--  you press the BOA dial to click and lock the cord in place and turn until you reach your desired fit. BOA Laces are the easiest system to get nice and  tight with minimal effort. Some boots come with a singular BOA dial and others come with a dual BOA tightening system for more customizability. BOA boots are easy to adjust with mitts on in cold conditions and will remain secure for the entire day. This is the fastest system of all to get into and out of your boots. A downfall of this lacing system can be pressure points from the cord. If your BOA system fails there is no quick fix on the mountain, unlike laces or speed laces that you can tie together in a pinch. Luckily, most resorts have BOA replacement parts and can help you swap it out.

Hybrid Closure Boots

Some boots utilize a combination of BOA & laces. A hybrid boot like this will have a BOA to lock your heel down with laces on top so you can customize where you want additional snugness. Some boots, like the Infuse & Luna Ventana Pro from Vans, have a velcro upper strap to tighten the boot at the calf for maximum response. 

Extra Tips on Boots

Be mindful of resting your snowboard on your foot when you’re riding the chair lift. The sharp edges of your snowboard can easily slice right through whatever lacing system you have on your boot. This could be a huge pain if you end up having to wait on a repair.

Having a hard time breaking in new boots? Most liners are heat moldable. This process takes about 30 minutes and can be done at the shop. Heat molding accelerates the break-in time and increases the out of the box comfort of your boot.

If it isn't the right time to upgrade, you can boost the comfort of your current boot with insoles from Vans. The additional heel cushion and arch support can work wonders for your feet! 

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