Union x Airblaster Inverter 1260 Bindings

Union x Airblaster Inverter 1260 Bindings

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Union x Airblaster Inverter 1260 Bindings are back!

The Inverter turns your world upside down, to the tune of 1260 degrees. Built on the latest iteration of the best snowboard binding of all time, the Union Force. There are literally 1,260 unique color combinations possible when we randomly assemble each pair of bindings from 4 colors of components. 35 possible color combos per binding. 630 possible outcomes per pair. Available in two sizes, for a grand total of 1260 possibilities. All bindings include limited-edition cooler case. The last time Union and Airblaster came together for a collab like this was in 2007!

Limited quantities available at our Banff location & online now.