Saturday, June 9th 2018 marked a very important date for the skateboarders of the Bow Valley. The long awaited Official Opening of the Banff Skatepark. The park has been skate-able for a month or so, however the local skate community came out in full force to celebrate the special day. The temperamental Rocky mountain weather tried it's best to put a damper on the day but no amount of rain would have been able to stop the stoke. 

The event started with the blessing of the park by Elder Cheif Powderface, then followed by a speech from the Mayor, Karen Sorenson. Shortly after that, the moment that has commanded patience from anyone involved in this long process, the ribbon cutting! Once that big red string was cut in half, energy levels exploded. The park filled with 50+ skaters and other "park enthuisiasts" (scooter kids). No amount of unaware snaking could shed the smiles on the faces of the skaters that waited so long. 

Throughout the day, prizes were being handed out left and right. There was even rumor of a straight up scooter to skateboard swap for one lucky little kid. The day closed out with some live music from a "Snug" a local punk band from Canmore. If you missed it, we feel sorry for you, but we did get a few shots from the day so can just get a scale of how much fun went down. Enjoy.