Probably the best Cartoon Ice Cream Brand in the World. Probably....Super Happytime Death Machine is a producer or original flavors and powerful claymores.

Think Gorillaz meets Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It's not going to make sense, they didn't even attempt that route. As they grow as a brand you will see more and more of their characters interacting with the branding/marketing. The pink ice cream is Super Happytime and white one is Death Machine. That much we can tell you.

The Universal Remote features a hybrid camber which is reverse camber between the inside of the insert packs, a slight camber under foot, and a subtle reverse camber after the insert packs. This board has a medium flex, and tons of pop from our Death Core. All their boards are finished with a Aura of Protection top sheet. This year they upgraded their sidewalls to Polyurethane.We stock the Universal remote in 152, 155, and 158 currently. The Universal Remote loves the park and having fun with your friends. 

Our only suggestion aside from trying one is to give the board a good detune. The camber profile makes the board a little grabby right out of the wrapper. 


Super Happytime Death Machine - Universal Remote $399.99

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