Goggles are an essential part of your kit. They protect your eyes from the elements and help you see terrain with clarity. Goggles are awesome when they work, but they can ruin your day quick when they fog up. Goggle fog is formed when warm moisture gets into your goggles & comes into contact with the cold lens. The water vapor condenses and accumulates on or in between the lens layers. This moisture can come from the sweat of your face & head or from snow. Goggle brands are always coming up with new tech to prevent fog, but even the best tech can't perform when combined with user error. Here are a few tips to protect your goggle investment & prevent fog so you can enjoy your entire day on the mountain!


  • Dress for the weather. Too many layers = a sweaty head. 
  • Avoid tucking your face mask under your goggles. You breathe out warm & humid air that doesn't belong inside your goggles. Some Anon goggles come with a magnetic face mask to seamlessly shield your face from the cold while venting properly. 
  • Keep your goggles on your face as much as you can.
  • If snow gets inside your goggles, first shake out as much as you can. Snow is abrasive, so you don't want to be rubbing it around, wait for it to melt before wiping. Use your Smith snow eraser to absorb the moisture, then use the chamois side for a streak free shine. 
  • Don't rub the inside of your lens if it does get foggy. Take a break & let them air out naturally.
  • Invest in a pair of goggles that come with a spare lens. The convenience of having a back up on the hill is usually worth the investment. More time on the slopes and less time in the lodge sounds good to us!
  • Always let your goggles dry indoors naturally. Don't use hand dryers or fireplaces to speed things along. The heat can actually warp them which is not something that can be covered under warranty.
  • Proper storage after a day of riding is KEY, especially if you're headed back out the following day. Don't leave them in your wet helmet with your damp gloves in your vehicle. Look out for future you by bringing them inside to dry overnight.
  • Once dry, cover with a goggle soc & store in the soft pouch or case to prevent scratches.
  • At the end of the season, it may be tempting to dangle them from your rearview mirror to show off you're a die hard snowboarder. But cars get hot and this will eventually lead to damage. 


Many goggle options at UNLTD come with a secondary lens, which allows for a quick swap if you run into moisture & fog issues. Stop by either of our shops to try some on. Our friendly staff would love to share the latest tech from our favorite goggle brands & get you back to seeing clearly on the slopes!