If you purchase a product you feel is defective, you are within your rights to try and warranty the product. Manufacturer’s defects are covered.* Damage caused by misuse or human error is not. Most companies offer their own warranty process, they can be found on their respective company websites. If you feel more comfortable leaving the warranty with us, we are more than happy to try to assist. 

  • This process may take up to 6 weeks or more.
  • UNLTD is a third party and are not directly involved in the warranty decision. We therefore cannot guarantee the item will be repaired or replaced.
  • Where credit is issued by the manufacturer, UNLTD offers only store credit – no form of cash will be given.
  • You must provide all receipts of original purchase before the warranty will be accepted by UNLTD.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Extra fees may apply to warranties that require us to ship product to be inspected. In this case, we will contact you and set up a method of payment for these fees. The warranty process will not proceed until these fees have been settled. 

To start the warranty process bring your defective product in to one of our locations or email us at Warranties@unltd.ca.

* Manufacturer defects are left to the discretion of the manufacturer. UNLTD or their staff do not make the final decision on whether or not an item will be accepted by the manufacturer.