Mona D.

"The MOST comfortable thong ever! I’ve ordered several more. Great fit, even in the larger sizes and it doesn’t get too tight in certain areas and looser in others like other 100% cotton thongs can when you have a fupa. If you’ve ever been wearing uncomfortable underwear and blame yourself and your weight or your shape, show yourself some love and grace and but yourself some huha underwear."

Chloe M.

"Obsessed! I threw out all my other underwear brands! A breathable fabric and so comfy!!! It is great quality. Once you wear a pair there’s not going back to cotton underwear. The fabric is very soft and allows you to move and not feel uncomfortable."

Erin C.

"I was worried about this bralette not being supportive enough, but was happily proven wrong. It is so soft and no pinching or cutting in around the torso. Love it!!"

Janet M.

I had never worn boxers before Huha ... they never fit like they were for me. Now, I can't get enough of them! The comfort of these boxers is unbelievable! With each order I place, I add to my collection! It's not an investment ... it's necessity! No more sweating, and they stay in place! They are my go to style.